Residents of Luwero have rejected an apology from presidential candidate Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde.

Tumukunde is among the National Resistance Army fighters that waged a liberation war of 1981-1986 in Luwero led by the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni. Tumukunde joined the NRA war together with his friends Maj. Gen. Gregg Mugisha Muntu and Col. Jet Mwebaze upon completion of their studies at Makarere University. Tumukunde served in different government positions till he decided to contest against Museveni.

While campaigning at Kasana roadside market in Luwero town council on Saturday evening, Tumukunde asked residents to forgive him because the NRM government he served has not done enough to develop the area which was key in the liberation of the country.  Tumukunde asked the residents not to fault him over Museveni’s failures and vote him to improve service delivery. He promised to build modern markets and roads among others to improve the area. However, residents interjected his speech asking him to explain what he did for the area while he was still serving the government.  

Tumukunde reminded them that he has spent the most time either in prison and courts for disagreeing with Museveni. The residents wanted to engage Tumukunde in more questions over his role in government but said he had little time to interact them before he proceeded to campaign in Nakaseke district.

Geoffrey Nsereko a resident in Kasana trading centre said they can’t forgive Tumukunde because all the time he was in government he never visited Luwero to follow up on the promises they made to the veterans. Nsereko said his father was killed in the NRA war but the government has done nothing for the area for the blood which was shed by the fallen fighters.

Yasin Mukisa a truck driver at Kasana trading centre said the area was neglected by NRA generals including Tumukunde and they are tired of their endless apologies. Mukisa adds that they also don’t believe that he indeed left the NRM to vote him into power. Other residents said that Tumukunde apology came late because now they are tired of both Museveni and his former allies.

Tumukunde was also put to task while campaigning at Nalongo and Balikyewunya roadside markets in Luwero district among other areas.

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