Education Ministry Bans Raunchy Music Shows in School.

This is contained in a circular which was sent out today to all school Head Teachers and Principals by Dr Jane Okou on behalf of the Ministry Permanent Secretary.

Dr Okou cited recent images which appeared in the media showing an explicit music performance at one of the schools in Kampala.

“It is also now clear that there have been several of these totally unacceptable and offensive functions allowed in schools in the name of extracurricular and entertainment activities” she said.

“Extracurricular activities in school normally mean sports and games, debate clubs etc. If schools need to entertain themselves, then they can engage in acting plays or arrange concerts. However, inviting singers who dance erotic dances, naked in the schools in the guise of extracurricular activities must he forbidden hence forth.”

Subsequently, she says, the ministry on July 18th held a meeting in which it was agreed to “provide guidelines on the nature and conduct of co-curricular and entertainment activities allowed in schools.”

The process of drafting these guidelines is still ongoing

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