With our incredible music and presenter lineup 247,we are the leading full-time online Ugandan Radio.
Studio1901 Boston and Studio256-Kampala are our 2 workstations, keeping you updated and entertained from Africa and The United States.
We serve in the all-encompassing languages English,Luganda & Swahili.

Our Listenership is broad,with over 10,000 listeners on average,traversing across youth, adult, corporate and ordinary
music fans, while delivering a relentless flow of infotainement and edutainement,plus promoting Ugandan music, culture and The Pearl of Africa Itself..
We leave no stone unturned, with a keen eye kept on all aspects of life like sports, politico-socio-economic World affairs
all day.. .ALL THE TIME.

To all Ugandans in the diaspora…we BRING HOME CLOSER TO YOU. And to the World…we bring you more music than you ever thought possible.
Kwemalafm.com…we are simply The Diaspora Hit Online Station