Gov’t urged to rehabilitate street children

streetPeace Regis Mutuuzo has underscored government’s commitment towards providing social protection to women with the aim of minimizing their vulnerability and building their potential through innovative approaches so that they can contribute to and benefit from the development process.

Mutuuzo sys Government has made considerable progress as far as women empowerment is concerned through specific interventions such as Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP), the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) and Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE) among other innovative measures aimed at supporting women’s participation and advancement.

As a result, she says, a total of 8,247 households and 103,770 women have so far benefitted from the UWEP programme since it started in 2015.

In the same light, she also pointed out that The Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) has rolled out direct financial capital to 216,366 youth, 46% of whom are female.

However, Mutuuzo decried declining morals which she says has largely contributed to marauding street children in urban centers especially Kampala and other social ills, situations which she says have further been heightened due to adoption of nuclear system of families and bad economic times.

As such, Mutuuzo says, government has already secured a supplementary budget amounting to 3 billion shillings to cater for the education of   destitute children majority of who are from Karamoja region, until they are old enough to support themselves.

This time she says, the enforcement measures will be strict saying that previously they have enrolled these children under similar programmes only for their efforts to yield nothing as a result of other unclear forces.

“We are working towards removing street children. For that matter we are going to put up schools in place and in these schools, we will hold them until they are 18 years. After that age of childhood then they will be able to mature”, she explains.

For those that have grown, the minister said, will be enrolled in short livelihood courses in order for them to ably support themselves as part of government’s social protection measures.


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