MTN Uganda runs to Chameleone’s rescue ahead of Saba Saba legend concert

joseMTN Uganda has announced a sponsorship of Jose Chameleon’s “Legends Saba Saba” concert slated for Friday, 7th December 2018 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.
Chameleon, whose music recently crossed the 20-year mark, has been one of the long-term musicians that MTN Uganda has supported over the years.
According to Valery Okecho, the Manager Corporate Communications at MTN Uganda, the telecom company has supported the music industry and continues to do so.
“MTN and Jose Chameleone have had a strong working relationship over the years; MTN has benefitted from having Uganda’s biggest star entertain MTN customers during MTN events while Jose Chameleone has earned severally from his performances or album launches sponsored by MTN,” Okecho said
Chameleon often performs at several MTN sponsored events and is known for lighting up the crowds due to his high energy and electrifying performances.
 “Jose Chameleon is one of those musicians one can find on TIDAL. It is possible to listen to his music even after the concert. There is also a catalogue of local musicians that customers can listen too. It is an opportunity to listen to their music and also allow them to earn some money, which in turn is an incentive to make more music,” Okecho added.
MTN Uganda this year celebrated 20 years of connecting Uganda and it continues to do that through providing communications services and through events that bring Ugandans together like music concerts.
 “I would like to say that I was the first local artiste on an MTN Billboard and up to now, I am still a partner of MTN Uganda. I would like people to come and see for themselves. I want to show people that Uganda has musicians who are top notch,” Jose Chameleone said
On why the name “Legend Saba Saba, the singer said ;” “I was born in 1979 and that was the time when the Tanzanians came to help oust Idi Amin. There was a big gun mounted at the time in Mutukula called the Saba Saba. It was a powerful gun and I would want to stand in the might of that gun.”

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