Zaake to sue government for torture

MP-Francis-Zaake-300x180Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Butebi Zaake vowed to sue government for being tortured.
The legislator made the statements while appearing at the CID Headquarters in Kibuli where he had been summoned prior.
Zaake who was in company of his lawyers and some opposition politicians said he had come to make a statement about the treason case and his alleged escape from custody.
“Those are all stupid charges; I call them bogus charges. However, I am also here to find out many things; Why they tortured me, why they beat me to this extent that I can not even walk and I am having issues with my neck,” he said.
Zaake said that his only crime was being the hotel, where they got him and clobbered him aimlessly, only to wake up in Lubaga hospital.
“They tortured me so much, that is why I am the only one they haven’t taken to court, but as they plan to take me to court, they should know that I am also taking them because I know them,” he added.

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