Mukula calls for creation of Airports Authority

MUKULAFlight captain Mike Mukula has called on Government to establish an independent statutory authority  to manage airports and aerodromes in the Country.

Mukula was today appearing before Parliament’s Physical Infrastructure committee to share his views on  the Civil Aviation Authority  (Amendment) bill 2017.

He observes a need to separate the Airports Authority from the Civil Aviation Authority in order to improve the effectiveness of the sector and ensure that Uganda adheres to international standards.

He said  that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Should be only left with the responsibility  of regulating the aviation industry, through licensing air services, provision of air navigation services, management of civil aircraft, certification of aircraft operators  among others.

He proposes that there should be an independent Authority which wil be responsible  for providing  facilitative infrastructure for aviation services between Uganda and the outside world. He says several countries  like Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwada all have Airport Authorities independent from Civil Aviation Authority.

Mukula says the functions of the Authority could be to administer, control, and manage aerodromes , provide and maintain facilities necessary for efficient operations of aircrafts , providing for rescue and fire fighting equipements and services, and approving development of private airstrips among others.

According to Mukula, with the revival of the airport industry, the management of airports and aerodromes should be delinked from CAA.

Mukula also proposes that the  top leadership of the aviation like Director General, and Board Members should  have  people with a mind of experience, and not appointment by political experience.

Kapelebyong County MP Ochen Justus says this will ensure full accountability, efficiency and above all boost regulation of the aviation industry.

The State Minister  for Works Bagiire Henry who was   also appearing before the same committee says this cannot easily be done as it requires supporting legislation. He encouraged members of Parliament to take it up and ensure that a study is undertake to ascertain the practicability of the proposal.


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