Don Zella is my family, Big Eye says in defence of their picture

big-eyeSinger Big Eye has clarified that US based socialite Don Zella is his family. He however insists that the two are not yet tgether.

Big eye was replying to comments regarding a picture published on social media which shows the former lovers snuggled up in a sofa seat with their children and all smiles.

The couple separated bitterly last year and Don Zella told off Big Eye. She even announced to the public that Briton Mayanja was not Big Eye’s son.

But Big Eye is not willing to walk down that lane. He posted the picture with the following captions;

“After seeing this photo, Many of you are gona start saying mbu they are back again(Bazeewo). But to me “separation in a relationship is not hate”. So I don’t see any problem with taking photos with these people or family because I don’t find it as a new thing. And once your people will always be your people. God bless them.”


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