SK Mbuga and wife disappear over fraud case

SK_Mbuga_and_wife_makeing_headlines_in_Sweden-minThe city Tycoon, businessman and socialite Suleiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet have fallen off the face of the earth after a Swedish newspaper published a story pinning Vivian Chebet for luring a Swedish politician, Sten Heinsoo with false promises of love and gold which resulted into the fraudulent transfer of 53million kronor (Shs23billion) to her accounts.

After police arrested Sten Heinsoo, former head of state and county politician, for the gross fraud after disappearing with between 45 and 48 million Krona from the Rank family, owners of a real estate giant Einar Mattsson, the 71 years old confessed that he had given it to Vivienne Chebet who was to transport gold from Uganda to Sweden.

It is believed that after money was transferred she splashed on their wedding with her now Husband SK Mbuga and it also explains the couple’s extravagant lifestyle with money source that can’t be explained.

 SK Mbuga, for a long time been elusive about his source of wealth but was very eager to splash money. In 2014 it was reported that he trades young girls for sex.

The 34 years old SK Mbuga and 33 years old wife Chebet’s whereabouts are unknown as their phones are switched off but are believed to be out of the county.


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