FDC wants MPs that voted for age limit removal isolated

Forum for Democratic Change Party has launched a campaign to isolate all Members of Parliament that voted for the lifting of the presidential age limit in December 2017.

While addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the Amuriat-Patrick-at-Namboole, urged all Ugandans to isolate the 317 MPs that voted in favour of the passing of the age limit lift bill.

“Those MPs should be treated as outcasts in our society because they murdered the Constitution which is going to affect all of us and those in the next generation,” Amuriat said.

He went on to say, they should not be allowed to speak during public functions such as burials, Church gatherings and not support their businesses if any.

The campaign by the party, will be teaching Ugandans on how to carry on with this move and isolate the MPs.

Legal support to individuals and petitioners who have gone to courts of law protesting the Constitution amendment will be offered to those that need it by the FDC party.

However, the business community asked these politicians to stay away from their working areas because these rallies only cost them business.


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